Virtual and Extended Reality for Work

Create. Connect. Innovate.

Designed for everyday use

A full range of collaboration tools for daily work across education, business and entertainment.

Extended and virtual reality software for teams to become more engaged and work more efficiently.

Collaboration made easy

Choose a virtual reality space or theme, invite colleagues and start collaborating. Work in virtual reality or extended reality, whichever works for your use case best.

Hapony Studio

Start building with our collection of templates, or import your own environments. Import media and models from a wide range of file types.


Using our Storybuilder feature choose from a selection of templates or build your own and easily create unique journeys for your customers or employees.

eLearning and Education

Choose from a selection of modules to easily create an engaging learning experience, with 3D icebrteakers, challenges, games, quizzes and leaderboard. Measure results and integrate with your existing LMS software.

Anytime, anywhere

Connect in a way that works for you, using a laptop, mobile or XR headset.

Account centre

Manage users, schedule sessions, add content and track analytics across all your organisations activities.

What do you want to do today?

Onboarding tools to guide set-up whether a simple team building meeting, a virtual event for hundreds of people, a training course or building a complex digital twin for your next manufacturing product.